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CORD12   12 foot MODULAR Handset cords FREE SHIPPING IN USA
150B-R   150B replica dial plate
164A-R   164A Replica dial plates
1912GRAY   1912 Gray Paystation Catalog
1937   1937 Model 302
CORD-25   25 foot MODULAR Handset cords
2500   2500 Desk Telephone
2554EXT   2554 back plate extender/adapter
2554   2554 Miniwall touchtone telephones
bckplt-2554   2554 modular back plate adapter
3500   3500 desk set
3500-0006   3500 desk set - Dark Blue
3554N   3554 Touchtone Wall Telephone
4-PR   4-prong to RJ11 adapter
500N   500 Full modular desk telephone
500-C   500 desk telephone in COLORS
500-MFW   500 with metal fingerwheel
523A   523A sliding jack for wall telephone
N554   554 Rotary Dial Wall Telephone
554MFW   554 wall telephone black with metal fingerwheel
SHIP   Additional shipping charges
AE40-CHR   Automatic Electric AE40 - black with chrome bands
AE40-X   Automatic Electric AE40 -chrome with extensicord
EXTENSI   Automatic Electric Extensicord handset cords - BROWN
BBPW-MK   Blue Bell Paperweight - Missouri and Kansas
BBPW-NY   Blue bell paperweight - New York Bell
GPO-CLR   CLEAR English GPO rotary dial telephone
Ring   Dial center for Western Electric dials
dial-porcelain   Dial porcelain for Automatic Electric
ERICO-TT   Ericofon Touchtone Telephone
HNDST-2   Handset - new old stock modular
HWHSC-BK   Handset cord, black, hardwired, 10 foot
HWHSC-25-BK   Handset cord, black, hardwired, 25 foot
HWHSD-BG   Handset cord, hardwired, BEIGE
HWHSD-RD   Handset cord, hardwired, BRIGHT RED
HWHSD-RD54   Handset cord, hardwired, DEEP RED
HWHSD-GD   Handset cord, hardwired, GOLD
HWHSD-IV   Handset cord, hardwired, IVORY
HWHSC-6-BK   Handset cord, hardwired, ivory, 6 foot
HWHSD-LB   Handset cord, hardwired, LIGHT BLUE
HWHSD-GN   Handset cord, hardwired, MOSS GREEN
HWHSD-RD-OR   Handset cord, hardwired, ORANGE
HWHC-PK   Handset cord, hardwired, PINK
HWHSD-WH   Handset cord, hardwired, WHITE
HWHSD-Y   Handset cord, hardwired, YELLOW
HNDST-WE   Handset, Western Electric moss green, NEW
S-M-LCRD   Line cord spade to modular
MM-TT   Mickey Mouse Touchtone Telephone
MINI   Mini-networks
CUP   Modular cup and leads for G handset
616D   Modular jack for 2500/500 handset cord
623D   Modular jack for 2500/500 line cord
616B   Modular jack for 2554 handset cord
616C   Modular jack for 554 or 3554 handset cord
PR-H-J   Modular jack for Princess handset cord
PR-L-J   Modular jack for Princess line cord
MLC   Modular line cords
164A-NOS   NEW OLD STOCK 164A porcelain dial plate for Western electric dials
North   North 7H6 desk set
NE1   Northern Electric #1 desk telephone
NE2   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone
NE2-0002   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone - 25 ft
NE2-0001   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone - Standard (10 ft)
41590   Novus #1 and #2 Plastic Polish
41579   Novus #1 Plastic Polish
41580   Novus #2 Plastic Polish
ODJCK   Outdoor Jack - new in box
FW1   Plastic Finger Wheels
POL-GD   Polarity Guard
POL1   Polarity reverser for desk phones
TRF   Princess dial light transformer set
KEY   Princess keychains
BULB   Princess light bulbs
PR-RD   Princess Telephone Rotary Dial
PTC   Pulse to tone converter - external - free shipping in USA!
REC   Receiver element for F1 type handset
REC-2   Receiver element for G handset
U1   Receiver element for G handset
Repair-pay   Repair payment link
RB   Ringerbox
FEET   Set of 4 feet plus rivets for 500 and 2500 sets
ADAP1   Spade to modular adapter
T-adap   T-adapter
TRN-F1   Transmitter for F1 handset
TRAN-G   Transmitter for G handset
TB   trimline base only
TRM-HSC   Trimline handset and line cords
UK   US to UK adapter
211   Western Electric 211 Wall Telephone
WE354   Western Electric 354 wall telephone
WECR   Western Electric Candlestick with ringerbox
WE464   Western Electric WE464G
WRNG-BK   Wiring telephones to ringerbox subsets booklet
CORD-YL-12   Yellow 12 foot modular handset cord - free shipping!

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