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Mounting a 2554, 554, or 3554 wall telephone

How to mount a wall telephone to a standard modular wall plate

1. Hold the telephone base so that the slider plug slips into the wall jack.

2. Now move the base so that the 2 "nail heads" slide into the slotted holes in the base - keeping the plug in the jack all the while.

3. Now firmly push down on the top of the phone, seating the phone onto the tabs - the slider will move up but remain within the jack.

4. Now connect cord and you should have dial tone.

Note: if you have DSL you must have a filter in line or you will hear nothing but static.



Please note:

Warrantee repairs means you purchased the phone from me. The basic rules for warrantee repairs are that repairs are always free but parts and shipping are not. I don't charge for shipping during the first three months you own the phone. After 3 months you pay return shipping. Parts that have to be replaced are also not covered after the first 3 months. Traumatic damage (as in dropping the phone) is NOT covered in the warrantee - so this would mean you would pay parts, shipping even within the first year. It's always best to email me prior to sending anything to me. And ALWAYS INCLUDE A COPY OF THE EMAIL IN THE BOX so I know what is wrong with it and how to get a hold of you.

Never ship a package or letter "signature required" or it will be returned to you undelivered. I am unable to get to the post office during office hours and am unwilling to stand in line for half an hour to pick it up on a Saturday.

For Non-warrantee repairs (e.g. you found a phone and want it restored) I am able to take care of many such repairs but not all! I repair the following: the 500, the Princess, Trimline, 302, 202, North sets, AE40's -- in fact, most American cradle telephones. I do NOT fix the following: wooden wall phones, candlestick phones, foreign phones, ericofons. If you need a referral to a person who can fix these sets, email me. My basic charge on most repairs is $25-$35, plus parts and shipping.

If you are sending a previously purchased phone for repair, I will take good care of it. Best to email me first to let me know to expect it. Put a note in with it outlining the problem. DO NOT SHIP "SIGNATURE REQUIRED" AS THIS WILL GREATLY SLOW DOWN MY RECEIVING YOUR PACKAGE.

My address is:

5541 Beverly Place

Pittsburgh PA 15206


Please read over the following carefully before shipping any phone to me.

I am happy to repair your phone. The last thing I want, though, is to open up the box and find that your phone has arrived in pieces.

In order to be sure that your phone does not get mixed up with another's phone, PLEASE write your name, phone number, address, and email address on a 3x5 card and tape it to the bottom of the set.

Several rules on shipping phones:

1. Always separate the handset from the base of the telephone. The handset banging against the body of the phone is what breaks the phone and sometimes the handset. Wrap the handset carefully in newspaper or bubble wrap, and make sure that packing material separates the handset from the phone when it is packed. NEVER SHIP A PHONE WITH THE HANDSET SITTING ON THE CRADLE.

2. NEVER A SHIP A PHONE ON ITS SIDE. The sides of phones are NOT built to take the trauma of being dropped.

3. ALWAYS SHIP BOX-IN-BOX. This is the safest way to ship phones. Certain phones are quite fragile, especially those made of bakelite. Pack the phone carefully into a small box and then surround that box with 1-2 inches of packing material (styrofoam peanuts or crumpled newspaper). The box should be full enough that nothing rattles or shifts when you shake it.

Insure your phone, and use delivery confirmation. UPS is probably the cheapest way to ship them, although I use Priority mail mostly myself for convenience. My address is the same for both.

How do I contact you?
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