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Princess light bulbs Modular cup and leads for G handset T-adapter
Princess light bulbs
Our Price: $2.00
Our Price: $3.00
Princess light bulbs Modular handset jack/cup T-adapter line splitters
Modular jack for 2554 handset cord Modular jack for 2500/500 handset cord Modular jack for 2500/500 line cord
Modular jack for 2554 handset cord Modular jack for 2500 and 500 telephone Replacement jacks for 500 or 2500 desk telephone line modular jack
Receiver element for G handset Modular jack for 554 or 3554 handset cord Spade to modular adapter
Receiver element for G-type handset. Modular jack for 554 or 3554 telephone handset cord This adapter converts a "hard wired" or spade-ended LINE cord to RJ11 modular standard.
Plastic Finger Wheels Handset cord, hardwired, ivory, 6 foot Additional shipping charges
Plastic Finger Wheels
Our Price: $5.00
New old stock plastic fingerwheels 6 foot hardwired handset cords use this form for additional or return shipping charges, rush order fees, and other generic charges.
Receiver element for G handset Modular line cords Modular jack for Princess handset cord
Modular line cords
Our Price: $5.00
U1 receiver element Modular on both ends, options are length only at this time. Replacement handset jack for princess telephone
Modular jack for Princess line cord 150B replica dial plate Princess keychains
150B replica dial plate
Our Price: $6.50
Princess keychains
Our Price: $7.00
Princess line jack Replacement dial plate for your worn out dial. Princess advertising keychains. These are quite hard to find.
Receiver element for F1 type handset Line cord spade to modular Transmitter for F1 handset
Fi handset stock receiver elements Silver 4-conductor spade to modular cord Transmitter element for F1 element
164A Replica dial plates 25 foot MODULAR Handset cords 12 foot MODULAR Handset cords FREE SHIPPING IN USA
Replica 164A dial plates to make your tired old dials look like new! 25 foot modular handset cords in hard to find colors. 12 feet long handset cords
US to  UK adapter 2554 modular back plate adapter 2554 back plate extender/adapter
US to UK adapter
Our Price: $10.00
This adapter allows the UK customer to use a telephone made in the US converts hardwired 2554 to work with modular wall plates This is a neat item. It fits over your standard RJ11 wall plate and allows one to add a device, such as an answering machine or caller ID box.
Polarity reverser for desk phones Handset cord, black, hardwired, 10 foot Transmitter for G handset
Transmitter for G handset
Our Price: $12.00
Does your phone not call out?  This is a quick and inexpensive fix. New old stock hardwired handset cords -black BRAND NEW Transmitter elements for G handsets