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CORD12   12 foot MODULAR Handset cords
150B-R   150B replica dial plate
164A-R   164A Replica dial plates
1912GRAY   1912 Gray Paystation Catalog
1937   1937 Model 302
CORD-25   25 foot MODULAR Handset cords
2500-CL-PK   2500 - clear pink
2500   2500 Desk Telephone
2500-NIB   2500 new in box
2554EXT   2554 back plate extender/adapter
2554   2554 Miniwall touchtone telephones
bckplt-2554   2554 modular back plate adapter
2554-NIB   2554 wall telephone - new in box!
3500   3500 desk set
3500-0006   3500 desk set - Dark Blue
4-PR   4-prong to RJ11 adapter
500N   500 Full modular desk telephone
500-C   500 desk telephone in COLORS
500-DB-LIGHTED   500 red: The Batphone - with INTERNAL LIGHT
500-MFW   500 with metal fingerwheel
523A   523A sliding jack for wall telephone
SHIP   Additional shipping charges
AE40-CHR   Automatic Electric AE40 - black with chrome bands
AE40-X   Automatic Electric AE40 -chrome with extensicord
EXTENSI   Automatic Electric Extensicord handset cords
BBPW-MK   Blue Bell Paperweight - Missouri and Kansas
BBPW-NY   Blue bell paperweight - New York Bell
GPO-CLR   CLEAR English GPO rotary dial telephone
CC   Cloth handset and line cords for telephones
Ring   Dial center for Western Electric dials
dial-porcelain   Dial porcelain for Automatic Electric
ERICO-TT   Ericofon Touchtone Telephone
HNDST-2   Handset - new old stock modular
HWHSC-BK   Handset cord, black, hardwired, 10 foot
HWHSC-25-BK   Handset cord, black, hardwired, 25 foot
HWHSD-BG   Handset cord, hardwired, BEIGE
HWHSD-RD   Handset cord, hardwired, BRIGHT RED
HWHSD-RD54   Handset cord, hardwired, DEEP RED
HWHSD-GD   Handset cord, hardwired, GOLD
HWHSD-IV   Handset cord, hardwired, IVORY
HWHSC-6-BK   Handset cord, hardwired, ivory, 6 foot
HWHSD-LB   Handset cord, hardwired, LIGHT BLUE
HWHSD-GN   Handset cord, hardwired, MOSS GREEN
HWHSD-RD-OR   Handset cord, hardwired, ORANGE
HWHC-PK   Handset cord, hardwired, PINK
HWHSD-TQ   Handset cord, hardwired, TURQUOISE
HWHSD-WH   Handset cord, hardwired, WHITE
HWHSD-Y   Handset cord, hardwired, YELLOW
HNDST-WE   Handset, Western Electric moss green, NEW
S-M-LCRD   Line cord spade to modular
MM-TT   Mickey Mouse Touchtone Telephone
MINI   Mini-networks
CUP   Modular cup and leads for G handset
616D   Modular jack for 2500/500 handset cord
623D   Modular jack for 2500/500 line cord
616B   Modular jack for 2554 handset cord
616C   Modular jack for 554 or 3554 handset cord
PR-H-J   Modular jack for Princess handset cord
PR-L-J   Modular jack for Princess line cord
MLC   Modular line cords
164A-NOS   NEW OLD STOCK 164A porcelain dial plate for Western electric dials
North   North 7H6 desk set
NE1   Northern Electric #1 desk telephone
NE2   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone
NE2-0002   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone - 25 ft
NE2-0001   Northern Electric #2 Wall Telephone - Standard (10 ft)
41590   Novus #1 and #2 Plastic Polish
41579   Novus #1 Plastic Polish
41580   Novus #2 Plastic Polish
ODJCK   Outdoor Jack - new in box
FW1   Plastic Finger Wheels
POL-GD   Polarity Guard
POL1   Polarity reverser for desk phones
TRF   Princess dial light transformer set
KEY   Princess keychains
BULB   Princess light bulbs
PR-RD   Princess Telephone Rotary Dial
PR-TT   Princess Telephone Touchtone
PTC   Pulse to tone converter - external - free shipping in USA!
REC   Receiver element for F1 type handset
REC-2   Receiver element for G handset
U1   Receiver element for G handset
Repair-pay   Repair payment link
RB   Ringerbox
FEET   Set of 4 feet plus rivets for 500 and 2500 sets
ADAP1   Spade to modular adapter
T-adap   T-adapter
TRN-F1   Transmitter for F1 handset
TRAN-G   Transmitter for G handset
TB   trimline base only
TRM-HSC   Trimline handset and line cords
UK   US to UK adapter
211   Western Electric 211 Wall Telephone
WE302P   Western Electric 302 - Thermoplastic
WE354   Western Electric 354 wall telephone
WECR   Western Electric Candlestick with ringerbox
WEDC-1   Western Electric Dial Candlestick
WE464   Western Electric WE464G
WRNG-BK   Wiring telephones to ringerbox subsets booklet
CORD-YL-12   Yellow 12 foot modular handset cord - free shipping!

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