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Why do business with Oldphones.com?

My email address is jon@oldphones.com -- this is the best way to reach me!

First off, let me say that there are now many folks now who sell phones on the web. I am certain that most have a good product and I am not going to put any of them down. In fact I am happy to refer you to another dealer if you want help not provided by Google (take for example my friends at Oldphoneworks.com)

Oldphones.com has been up and running for 16+ years now and has sold many thousands of telephones in this time. Many customers are repeat buyers, because they come to know that my phones work, and that I stand behind them. I have do not charge for a repair or adjustment, either. I want to see these phones working and happy in their new homes!

I am a collector of old phones. I like the concept because they are working antiques: how many electro-mechanical objects that are 50-70 years old do exactly today what they did when they were first made -- just as well as they did back then? Rotary dial phones work on all lines (and will always do so). The design of telephones of the 30's and 40's out-classes anything being made today. Look at the Pottery Barn catalogue. They sell repro WE302's and WE354 wall phones. Folks are buying these knock-offs for a reason.

I like the idea of sharing my love of old phones with folks, letting them catch the old phone bug. For this reason, it is very important to me that you be fully satisfied with the phone you get from me. I have a no-questions asked money back satisfaction guarantee on every phone I ship (you have a week to do so). I guarantee every working part on these phones for life.

These phones are all original, except for cloth cords, which are new repro stock, virtually indistinguishable from the original, and the line cords, which must be modular. I sell phones intended to be put into daily use, not put onto a shelf!

Lots of folks out there in flea markets, on Ebay, etc, can sell you a phone -- but won't guarantee that they'll work, and won't stand behind them a year or two or 5 later. As eBay's site itself warns, caveat emptor (let the buyer beware!). I have helped out many people who have gotten phones on eBay only to discover critical problems within the phones.

I have been mentioned in USA Today, Country Living, Pittsburgh City Paper, the New York Times, Lucky, Domino, Food Network Magazine, among many others, and have a lot of happy customers to show for it. My reputation speaks for itself!

This is no fly-by-night operation. I want my customers to be satisfied, which is why I take any telephone back for full refund less shipping within the first 7 days of your receiving the phone.

What about credit cards? I accept Mastercard and Visa (not Discover or AmEx).

What about shipping? I use UPS ground for the majority of my sales. Small parts ship USPS First Class Mail. International orders are shipped using USPS International Priority Mail. If you have an overseas credit card contact me via email for details on how to order and how to get the shipping ordered correctly. Please note: I DO NOT offer same day shipping. Orders shipping "overnight" will ship out the business day AFTER you order and then will ship via whatever method you requested. So if you order, say, on a Tuesday afternoon, it will ship on Wednesday for arrival on Thursday.

Finally, we respect your privacy! Oldphones privacy policy is that we do not give out, sell, or otherwise share email addresses or ANY information about you. Period. Any info we have about you stays private. No exceptions. We don't retain credit card information, either.

Oldphone's address is:

5541 Beverly Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Thanks for visiting Oldphones.com !